Friday, February 28, 2014

I Have No Soul Mate (And That's OK)

Recently, there's been a post going around from a woman who was recently engaged but was questioning if it's the right path for her. The ultimate message of the post is challenging the concept of "Soul Mates," instead insisting that since nobody is perfect there is nobody that is perfect for you, and the decision to love is precisely that, a decision. A friend of mine posted a well-worded rebuttal to this, drawing from his personal experience and insisting that Soul Mates do exist for those who are "called to marriage." Leaving aside the spiritual aspects of these arguments, I want to focus on the concept of a soul mate.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Porcelain Man

For my first post, I wanted to dive straight into the main topic this blog will be centered around: Masculinity. More specifically, I want to examine just how fragile society's current concept of masculinity is, how it got to be that way, and why we need to redefine it for the current day and age. I'm going to try to keep this as concise as I can, and I realize there will be some points that may not seem immediately obvious. Rest assured I plan to explore them individually in future posts, and in the meantime you can feel free to send questions and topic requests to

Friday, February 21, 2014

I Think We're Just Getting Started

Over the past few months, I've become fairly outspoken on a lot of things related to gender issues. This blog is intended to be a place where I can gather my thoughts and share them with others, with the goal of sparking some discussion. Please keep comments civil and respectful; I really don't want to have to moderate them heavily.

Some of the common themes of this blog will include:

  • Appropriate vs. inappropriate behavior
  • Proper hygiene/grooming/dressing
  • Interacting with those who have alternate worldviews
  • Respecting and enforcing boundaries
  • Navigating emotions
  • And many more!

Expect the first actual post to come up sometime over the weekend. I am currently planning on posting as things come up with no set schedule, but will be attempting to put up 2-3 posts per week. Be sure to subscribe to get updates on new posts, and I look forward to reading your thoughts and responses in the comments!